Talentis Executive Coach Testimony - Marylyne Declercq
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Talentis Executive Coach Testimony - Marylyne Declercq

The Talentis executive coaching team gathers 150 of the most experienced and senior experts in executive coaching. They have an average of 10 years of professional coaching experience, and have all had solid managerial careers in companies before becoming coaches.

In this series of interviews, we propose to meet some of our partner coaches. Today, let's meet Marylyne Declercq, executive coach at Talentis since 2016.

How satisfied are you with your partnership with Talentis?

Marylyne Declercq: "I'm happy with this partnership, on the one hand because Talentis leads a community of coaches in a very lively and inspiring way, by bringing us together once a month for Happy Coaching Moments to share practices and tools. I am also satisfied with this partnership because I have the opportunity to facilitate, to go on stimulating leadership programs, to work with other stimulating coaches. For all these reasons, I am very happy to be part of the Talentis community."

As an executive coach, what has this partnership allowed you to learn? To develop?

MD : "In fact, this partnership has allowed me to learn new tools, to develop my posture as a coach, especially in contact with groups, individuals, and demanding leaders. I was also able to learn from other coaches. As I was saying through these Happy Coaching Moments, which are for me truly inspiring and learning moments, where I can share my experience, but also feed off those of other coaches.
Coaches who have been coaching for many years. It's really very inspiring. I was also able to learn to develop my network through contact with these many coaches and also with the speakers who participate in our annual campuses. This community, this partnership has greatly developed my posture and my skills."

In your opinion, why is Talentis the leader in the executive coaching market?

MD : "For me, when I thought about this question, I said to myself: Talentis is very close to the companies it supports, to the business, and therefore really cares about understanding the challenges facing companies today. To understand the needs of leaders and managers.
The second reason why Talentis is a leader is this real desire to be innovative, to be at the cutting edge of practices, to understand what is happening and what the needs and challenges of companies are.
And I think the third reason is also the richness of this community of coaches. All the coaches working at Talentis are certified and have many years of coaching experience, but not only that. They also have a rich and successful track record as managers and executives within large groups. These are the reasons why Talentis is positioned as a leader in the coaching market today.

What would you like to share with future coaches who would join the Talentis team?

MD : "I would like to tell them: join us because we are a community, a team of very nice, demanding, inspiring coaches...
Because, after all, the coaching profession can sometimes be a bit lonely. In this community, I have found a way to develop, learn, enrich myself and work with other coaches. So there you go, join us, you'll grow and you'll find fun and inspiration."

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