Webinar - Boost gender diversity in your teams!

Webinar - Boost gender diversity in your teams!

How can you actively support the development of your female talent through online coaching and boost gender diversity in your organisation?

On the webinar programme .

Our findings on the practices in place to promote gender equality within large groups.

Why is coaching the answer to achieving tangible and sustainable results?

Exclusive testimony from Veolia on how to concretely implement coaching programmes to support female talent.

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Only 22% of women in executive committees in France in 2021*! Despite the efforts made by many companies to facilitate women's access to management positions (training, women's networks, etc.), the glass ceiling still seems difficult to overcome. What if the organisations are still not going far enough? 

It is true that concrete initiatives have already been put in place (mentoring, training of recruitment teams, etc.) but the figures are stagnating! What are these companies lacking to finally take the direction of a real and sustainable gender mix? It is not by decree that we will change mentalities in the long term.

It is through in-depth AND long-term support for female talent and key stakeholders in the company that things can change.
Why? to neutralise stereotypes, promote recruitment and develop female talent, break down self-censorship, etc.
How? through coaching, which takes on its full meaning and demonstrates its impact.

Find out how to implement this in this webinar presented by Valérie Rocoplan, CEO of Talentis. 

Estelle Lucas, Head of Coaching at Veolia, tells us in detail about the online coaching programme we have been running for the past three years with the group's female talent:

What are the expected results of such a programme?

How to select the female talent pool? 

What are the pitfalls to avoid?

And many other questions you may have...

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