Webinar - Managing and cooperating in times of crisis

Webinar - Managing and cooperating in times of crisis

How to manage the 3 times of crisis to keep teams performing and committed while finding time to recharge?

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Managing and cooperating remotely in times of crisis: what you will learn in this webinar

During this webinar you will learn, among other things

How to manage the three phases of a crisis (present, action plan, exit)?
How to keep teams engaged in a period of uncertainty?
How, as a leader, to find the time to recharge one's batteries in order to remain effective over the long term?

The detailed programme of the webinar

Presentation by Valérie Rocoplan

How to manage with courage?

What does 'co-responsibility' mean?

How can we show ingenuity and integrity in our daily work?

What level of support do employees expect from leaders? And vice versa!

How to maintain a high level of energy over time?

Questions / Answers from participants