Talentis Executive Coach Testimony - Valérie Aveline
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Talentis Executive Coach Testimony - Valérie Aveline

Choosing Talentis as your professional coaching partner is the guarantee of working with the best experts to accompany the development of your Talents. Recruited according to very rigorous criteria, our 150 coaches, present in 27 countries, have solid experience as managers and certified professional coaches. Today we invite you to meet Valérie Aveline, executive coach at Talentis. 

Why are you satisfied with your partnership with Talentis?

Valérie Aveline: "I am satisfied with my partnership with Talentis because I am involved in some very nice missions with the largest clients in Paris. I'm also proud to belong to a firm that is a leader in its market, a leader in leadership coaching in large and small companies. And finally, I am also happy to belong to a community of coaches, to have moments of reflection on the evolution of the world of work, to share our tools, to participate in training sessions and to be part of this community, finally, is an element that allows me to develop my professionalism as a coach.

What has this partnership allowed you to learn? To develop?

VA: "In my practice as a professional coach, my partnership with Talentis allowed me to acquire real expertise in the field of female leadership, which is one of the trademarks of the firm and which made a lot of sense personally. So, it's really thanks to Talentis that I was able to develop these really specific skills."

In your opinion, why is Talentis the leader in the professional coaching market?

VA: "We can consider that Talentis is a leader because of the clients, but also because of the quality of the coaches they recruit, who are all seasoned professionals with real prior experience before becoming coaches. This is what makes the trademark, but also the quality of this firm."

What would you like to share with future coaches who would join us?

VA: "To future coaches who might join us, I want to say that they will find a community, that is to say a place for sharing and learning, but also a very joyful community because Talentis is also a party. We like to learn together as much as we like to have fun together. That's not the last thing we neglect here."

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