So that March 8 becomes a day like any other!
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

So that March 8 becomes a day like any other!


On March 8, 2023, we celebrate "International Women's Rights Day". It is the 46th official edition, since it was launched by the United Nations in 1977, with the good intention of formalizing a day whose theme would be the defense of women's rights at all levels, all over the world.

Where are we in 2023? 46 years later. Women's rights have not necessarily improved worldwide, at the same rate in all countries. But what interests us at Talentis is to look more precisely at the state of play of gender diversity in companies.

It can be said that today, 50% of the working population in the OECD is female. This is rather good news. 60% of the graduates from higher education are women.

The problem is that after 15 years of work on this subject, we are still at about the same percentage: 0 to 5% of CEOs of large CAC40 companies. Barely 10 to 20% in the COMEX and CODIR categories in large companies with more than 2,500 employees.

And despite everything, gender diversity is progressing at the managerial level, because when we started to think about the subject, barely 30% of managers were women. Today, we are at 40%. So we can see that this notion of the glass ceiling, year after year, is becoming more and more blatant because more and more women are arriving on the market, more and more are becoming managers. This famous glass ceiling is still a real issue in 2023.

And that annoys us all deeply because we know that there is no problem of ambition. All the studies show that the same percentage of men and women are ambitious and want to progress. So, it's not a matter of ambition, but it's really a matter of culture, belief and society to continue to dynamize practices that are still very anchored.

Today, at Talentis, we support, but at the same time we are a little tired of, this March 8 day. We like this March 8 day for the social issues it raises, the political issues, the education issues, but we don't really appreciate the fact that companies use this day to suddenly think that they have female talents.

In fact, we should stop. We now need to set up actions at all levels, dashboards to help female and male talent progress at the same time with equity, to have training for all employees around daily practices to recruit and promote all talent. But it's really a subject that now concerns executives, managers and employees alike.

At Talentis, we have different ways to support the subject of gender diversity in companies. First of all, we have very good conferences to make managers aware of the subject. Then, we also have the Fresque de la mixité which is dedicated to managers and employees on "once I understand the state of affairs, what can I do at my level to act?

Then we have programs to accelerate the preparation of women in their reflections on their professional projects. And we also have, of course, webinars, conferences, workshops dedicated to managers on "What can I do on a daily basis?" But stop at the March 8 day in companies, to deal with this subject of talent only once a year and really live this subject of managerial equity, equity in recruitments, equity in promotions for all talents who want it.

And we must dynamite this belief that the problem is in the woman. The problem is not with women, the problem is with the culture. I hope that we will not celebrate the 50th anniversary of March 8th and that it will no longer be a subject. In 2027, it will no longer be a topic. That's all I hope for.

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