Talentis' team of professional coaches
Léa Zolli Durand
Léa Zolli Durand

Talentis' team of professional coaches

What do clients say about the Talentis coaching community?

Valérie Rocoplan: "What strikes them is that we are first and foremost leaders and senior managers with a fairly long career in large groups, prior to our coaching career. Then, they are reassured by the fact that we all have certifications and solid training as individual coaches, team coaches or organizational coaches."

Aude Bohu: "What differentiates our community of coaches beyond their profile, and in their profile, it is their professional background and also all their training, but it is the way we will approach our missions and how we will work together around our missions. In individual missions, for example, we will work a lot in intervision mode with the coaches who accompany the coachees, so as to be sure that they will be able to provide the best answers, the right answers in the DNA of Talentis.

VR: "What they also appreciate is that our coaches are a real community, who are present in 27 countries and can coach individuals or teams in 17 languages."

Florence Malaud: "The fact that we include our coaches in our upstream thinking to build and design our programs. We never work alone at Talentis, so we involve our coaches a lot. It's a great opportunity to learn. Then, on Talentis' flagship programs, we set up shadowing, which means that we allow certain coaches to attend the seminar, in the background, and to fully immerse themselves in the program."

VR: "And finally, we have a strong results-oriented culture. We are sparring partners with our clients. We commit ourselves to objectives and we make sure, with benevolence and challenge, to accompany all the people who trust us to success."

What characterizes the Talentis coaching community?

AB: "First of all, what unites us is the way we conduct seminars. It's the driving side, the energetic side, the challenging side, but always being benevolent. And besides, this is the feedback we systematically receive from our clients: "You were very challenging, but in the end, you accompanied us during the whole seminar.

It's also a way of working as a team because we run a lot of seminars with two, three, four or even five coaches. And there, we will support each other at every break, at every lunch, at every dinner. We will work, exchange, share our experiences, and possibly enrich the animation, even for the next day, for the next sequence. And never leave out a coach who might be in difficulty with his group. And that happens, it can happen, because there are groups that are more or less challenging. And so, that's it.

In fact, it is a learning community that is constantly developing during the seminars, before the seminars, after the seminars, during all the times when we meet with each other. And also, we are a community of coaches who co-construct together. We all like innovation, inventing new games, inventing new experiences, inventing new debriefing questions. And that, I think, is something that really drives this community of coaches."

FM: "In summary, what it brings to belong to the Talentis coaching community, as a coach, I would say that it is a challenge, learning, co-construction, sharing of practices. A lot of stimulation, to summarize.

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