Responsible leadership - back to the Talentis Coach Campus
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Responsible leadership - back to the Talentis Coach Campus

Each year, Talentis brings together all of its partner professional coaches during two campuses: the summer campus and the winter campus. The objective of these days is to gather the Talentis Community to reflect together on key themes related to leadership, coaching, and talent development, but also to share best practices and discover new facilitation methods.

For almost two years now, we have been working specifically on the subject of responsible leadership, also known as impact leadership or regenerative leadership.

Responsible leadership: a key theme at the heart of organizations

In a context of climate emergency, depletion of natural resources and "great resignation", companies are more than ever forced to rapidly evolve their practices and business models. The objective is to move towards (and achieve) a model that fully takes into account the equation: People - Profit - Planet.

For leaders, this means:

- An awareness

- Courage to transform

- Energy to develop a responsible leadership posture.

As professional coaches, at Talentis, we want more than ever to be actors of this global transformation by accompanying all talents in this process.

An inspiring campus coach

During this day, we had the chance to hear, first, the testimony of Charlie Felgate, former Vision leader at Decathlon, a company in which he led many responsible transformations. Today, he works to develop the notion of regenerative leadership within companies.

Charlie Felgate

Read the interview with Charlie Felgate

In the afternoon, we listened to the testimony of Arnaud Poissonnier who created Babyloan, a micro-credit company specialized in responsible projects.

Responsible leadership and coaching: what offers to come at Talentis?

This year, the theme of responsible leadership will be at the heart of our missions.

This is why, during this Campus, we had our coaches work on this question: "What is a responsible leader? What are his or her characteristics, qualities and skills? The objective: to know how to integrate this notion of responsible leadership in each of our courses: individual coaching, team coaching, collective coaching, leadership seminars... Then, we asked ourselves how, as a Talentis team, can we take this notion of climate responsibility one step further.

To go further in this reflection on responsible leadership, we invite you to come and meet us on April 18th during the HR Congress during which Valérie Rocoplan, Talentis' CEO, will lead a conference on the subject alongside Charlie Felgate.

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