Responsible leadership: what if we changed our view of our role as leaders and managers?
Valerie Rocoplan
Valerie Rocoplan

Responsible leadership: what if we changed our view of our role as leaders and managers?

Fanned by crises (economic, health, ecological) and conflicts, boosted by "Growth at all costs", our current world is wavering. At this time of change, what can we expect from leaders and managers at this critical moment? This is the subject of this editorial proposed by Valérie Rocoplan, Talentis' Managing Director and Executive Coach. 

We are approaching 2023 with, for many of us, the feeling that we are living through a real global sociological tipping point that will significantly change our way of life. In the next few months and for a few decades we will enter the era of responsible degrowth which will only accelerate due to the lack of energy resources, the shortage of materials of all kinds, and the urgency to consume the resources of our planet in a reasonable way in order to control global warming.

Contradictory forces are opposing each other in a way that is still not very visible, but dissension is rumbling.

Between those who continue to bet on growth whatever the cost, without conscience or responsible actions, in a logic of more money for more money, and millions of citizens, artisans, farmers, leaders who are actively mobilizing to change the model and give our children and grandchildren a repaired planet.

After the era of reducing our impact comes the era of "repair" or "regeneration".

Some examples of those who inspire us and awaken our consciousness as leaders:

  • Jean-Marc Jancovici, who relentlessly explains to governments, schools, states and the media the emergency situation in which humans find themselves and which shakes the conscience and responsibility of each individual. With his project The Shift Project, he brings together actors from the economy and the citizenry to take concrete action.
  • The Business for Climate Convention
  • Impact France
  • Time for the Planet...

All these initiatives are groups of actors committed to act daily in a logic of "Stop the GREEN BASHING" to go towards a logic of "START DOING NOW"!

As shown by the recent speech of the young graduates of Agro, the movement of funds of young talents (and not so young) reveals a deep fed up with jobs that consist in chasing a growth of CA.

Jobs that work for the well-being of people, companies and organizations are attracting a lot of talent while companies that are known to be serious polluters are struggling to prove that they are making their Impact Revolution

The crafts, food, also make their return in a logic of honor of these beautiful trades (cabinetmaker, carpenter, plumber, turner, breeder, landscaper, etc. ...).

Students shout their anger in front of public institutions or openly refuse the economic models that are still being forced down their throats and take their courage in both hands to dare to challenge the sacrosanct institutions.

The extraordinary success of the Climate Fresco, which was able to quickly educate and influence millions of employees and teams in all kinds of organizations, finally demonstrates the desire for better understanding.

However, understanding is good, acting is better.

The good news is that things are moving and consciences are waking up.

But leaders and executives of companies large and small must get out of the GREEN WASHING and quickly implement ambitious and realistic strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and accelerate the deployment of responsible practices and behaviors on a daily basis.

Some great applications allow individuals and teams to measure their carbon impact to initiate new uses:

  • Reasoned diet with less meat and fish
  • Reduced consumption of clothing
  • Intensified recycling
  • Purchases of second-hand products
  • Favored transportation by bicycle or subway or electric vehicles
  • Reduction of office heating
  • Reduced purchase of consumables
  • Cabs removed except in emergencies
  • Air travel reduced to essential trips
  • Selection of responsible suppliers and service providers
  • Etc...

Everyday actions can have a greater impact than beautiful phrases on a wallpaper.

Talentis has been developing individual and collective coaching programs for 20 years to build responsible and inspiring managerial and leadership practices. Our mission is to build cultures of trust and co-responsibility for teams that speak to each other sincerely, that advance towards a complex future with courage and that dare to reinvent a model that associates respect for the PROFIT PLANET PEOPLE equation

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