Courage, the most noble virtue of leaders?
Valerie Rocoplan
Valerie Rocoplan

Courage, the most noble virtue of leaders?

Courage, in my opinion, is the most noble virtue of a leader. It is a strength rarely found today, where more and more leaders prefer positive neutrality rather than the courage to change things, false benevolence rather than collective intelligence, happiness at work rather than excellence and audacity. We need courage, in the face of the extraordinary challenges we have to face.

There is an urgent need to show courage

We have a few years ahead of us to reinvent our business models, and to favour a regenerative model, producing positive impacts for the living world. The decisions to be made must be taken quickly and courageously.
As the IPCC points out in its latest report, all the technological solutions exist to reverse the dramatic trend that companies are causing to life. Not only do the technological solutions exist but the money to spend is available.

It is only a question of courage, but not only of political courage:

  • Courage of the leaders
  • Courage of the leaders
  • Courage from you and me

Political leaders must firmly establish radical decisions and pass laws to accelerate the protection of waters, soils, forests, oceans, animals, in short, all living things.

Leaders must courageously question business models and find new ways to produce and adopt new forms of relationships with their customers. These paths exist and are financially viable.

Consumers and customers that we are must SET LIMITS, CONSUME FAIRLY AND BETTER.

Courage is the alliance of HEART and RAGE

The heart is expressed through the strength of conviction, the ability to keep one's eyes open, to see reality, and to accept to face it.

The heart is expressed through compassion and humility, the strength to FEEL 100% RESPONSIBLE for each of one's actions and decisions, while not seeking to make anyone feel guilty, but by activating the best in each of them.

Rage consists in the ability to denounce, to force changes, to say out loud what everyone else is thinking, to say no, to shake up habits in order to move towards ethical, clean, responsible and regenerative practices.

Rage is also about perseverance, the ability not to let down or give up, not to prioritize image or reputation over ethics, money or just plain fairness.

Courage is also not giving up, cultivating a serious optimism, the strength to move forward, to engage others, to join movements that work towards the just and the true.

Courage is a muscle, the more you exercise it the more it serves you. The more you develop your courage, the more you encourage others.

May I be given the strength to bear what cannot be changed and the courage to change what can be changed, but also the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

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