Executive coaching: join the Talentis coaching team!
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Executive coaching: join the Talentis coaching team!

The Professional Coach's Minute is Talentis' new video series for coaches. The objective: to provide advice and best practices from our 20 years of experience as leaders in professional coaching. For this first episode, we are launching a call to coaches who would like to embark on the Talentis adventure and join a Community to continuously develop themselves. In the next episodes, we will address topics such as: the tripartite interview, coaching objectives, feedback, etc...

Why join the Talentis Executive Coach team?

Talentis has been a leader in professional coaching, executive coaching and leadership development for 20 years. Today, we have a community of executive coaches made up of more than 150 people in France, Europe and around the world. Our accelerated growth requires the recruitment of new coach partners who will join the ranks of the existing community of coaches to help us produce and design individual coaching, group coaching and organizational coaching programs.

Joining Talentis means joining a community of learning coaches. It means participating in ambitious programs in which we coach several dozen or hundreds of leaders simultaneously. For executive coaches who join the Talentis team, it's the guarantee that you will appropriate extremely varied coaching protocols. Over the past 20 years, Talentis has developed more than forty coaching protocols.

Joining the Talentis Community also means benefiting from all our pedagogical resources. We have more than 400 models, resources, tests, and coaching exercises that we use and that we enrich over time. It also means, of course, working face-to-face, but also remotely with our Click & Coach coaching platform.

How to join the Talentis executive coach team? Our recruitment criteria

Solid experience as a manager or leader in large groups

You have at least 10 years of professional experience in a company as a senior leader or executive.

A successful experience as a professional coach

You have been coaching Talent for at least five years and have at least 1000 hours of coaching under your belt.

The ability to coach individuals as well as teams

You have a predilection for individual coaching, but also for group coaching. You like to lead seminars and training sessions.

A recognized certification

You are trained and certified in coaching with a reference training protocol.

A "posture-coach" corresponding to the expectations of Talents and companies

You have drive and assertiveness, which is a criterion that all of our clients ask us for today. You like to work in a team, to be challenged, to give and receive feedback and to keep learning your job? Then join us!

By joining the Talentis team, you will also join a learning community. We organize two campuses per year and trainings very regularly to continue to enrich each other and we organize monthly practice sharing meetings on coaching and leadership topics.

Don't hesitate, fill in the questionnaire below and give us the desire to meet you soon. See you soon!

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