How to cultivate motivation and energy at work?
Léa Zolli Durand
Léa Zolli Durand

How to cultivate motivation and energy at work?

How to create, generate and cultivate one's own motivation and energy at work and more generally in a professional career that is long. How to stay motivated, curious, committed, positive, smiling, throughout one's professional career? Most people think that motivation must come from outside, that the company must motivate, that the manager must motivate, that colleagues must motivate. Often, people are in a situation of passivity or non-responsibility, sometimes also of victimization.

Whatever the job you have, whatever the level you have in a hierarchy, a professional project must be attached to something that has meaning for you, that animates your energy, that makes you want to do it, and you are responsible for getting this desire, this energy and this capacity that you have to stay motivated. The subject is really to ask yourself what is your share of responsibility, beyond the share of the company and its team? What is your responsibility to stay motivated and energetic?

Why this work?

What's interesting, if you want to stay energized and motivated, is perhaps to say to yourself that the first thing you need to think about is what makes you choose this job? What makes you love what you do on a daily basis? You all have things you particularly like, things you like less. And why do you like it and how do you enjoy what you do in this job? And when you are doing things that you like less, how can you tell yourself how useful and contributing to the company, to the customers, even if it is something you like less?

Curiosity, the driving force behind motivation

The second thing you can do is tell yourself that motivation comes from your ability to be curious about what's going on. People who lose motivation and energy are often people who lose curiosity. And that's how you see the energy of motivation, is the level of curiosity. So what interests you in my work? What interests you around, in other teams, in what's going on in your company. How can you cultivate this curiosity, go discover, go learn? Because discovering and learning will keep your energy and motivation up. How do you keep surprising yourself? How do you continue to learn? How will you ask the people around you to help you continue to grow? That's what's going to cultivate your curiosity and your energy.

Cultivating the notion of gratefulness

In what can also cultivate your motivation, what you are responsible for is the ability that you have to do what the English call gratefulness, that is, how every day, every week or every month, you are responsible for saying "I am happy with what I have done. I am proud of what I have done. I'm proud of what I've done. How do you cultivate this ability to thank yourself, to congratulate yourself, to thank your team, your boss, your company for everything that you find good. People who are not motivated and who do not nourish this motivation only see the negative. We all have things going on that are nice. We all have complicated things that we have to deal with. The way you can get past the hard stuff is usually by enjoying what is nice and pleasant and positive.

Our responsibility as employees is to say that we are 100% responsible for the energy we arrive in, 100% responsible for the energy we stay in and 100% responsible for the energy we give to others. You can choose to be in a positive, happy, pleasant energy. You can choose to arrive in an average or no energy. It is your choice. No one is going to set your energy barometer. And of course, your choice is going to be to consider that the energy you are in has an impact on others. Our recommendation for staying motivated and energized is to pay close attention to your energy barometer and the impact you have on others.

Finally, to conclude, as Philippe Bloch says in his book Ne dis jamais bon courage: "Look at your professional project as a path of adventure, of experience. Make choices. Be aware of what you like to do, what you know how to do, what you like to do less. Know how to cultivate your energy, your inner motivation and don't expect others to cultivate it for you. So, don't ever say "good luck" because for others, it means that work is a pain in the ass, that it's a place where people are going to be really unhappy, but instead just say "have a good day", "have fun", "enjoy yourself".

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