Individual coaching: 4 reasons to coach employees in 2023
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Individual coaching: 4 reasons to coach employees in 2023

The world of work is constantly evolving at a rapid pace and companies, in order to remain competitive, must adapt to changes. In this context, professional coaching has become an increasingly important and interesting tool to help companies develop the skills of their employees, to help them achieve their goals.

Today, we have identified four good reasons to support employees through individual coaching in companies.

Individual coaching to develop employees' skills

Professional coaches can help employees to identify their skills, their levers, their weak points and thus to finally be more aligned with themselves, to perform better. This type of support is particularly recommended, for example, in the case of a new position, but not only. In these cases, coaching really aims to make employees more efficient so that they can contribute even better to the company.

Individual coaching to help Talents solve specific problems

The second reason to accompany employees with coaching could also be to resolve specific difficulties, specific situations. This is also sometimes called situational coaching. This could be, for example, the preparation of a high-stakes meeting or the resolution of a conflict or even, why not, the start of a large-scale project.

Individual coaching to accompany change

The third reason why coaching can be strongly recommended is in the context of change. There, coaches can help employees adapt or anticipate change. We are talking about a change in managerial culture, for example. It can be in the context of mergers, it can also be in the context of process changes, in the change of working methods that we have all experienced, with teams that may be remote, spread over larger geographical areas. This has a profound impact on the people we support, especially managers.

There are also, of course, many industries and companies that are currently undergoing major changes in order to anticipate or react to environmental impacts, which are generating profound changes in the way they work, and which have an impact on the posture of leaders and managers. In this kind of context, where faced with contradictory injunctions, one must be able to show courage and influence. This is also the type of skill that we will help to develop in these employees.

Individual coaching to develop employee commitment

Finally, the fourth reason to offer coaching to your employees can be as a gift, a reward, a sign that your company invests in them.

In this context, we are really in a win-win situation, since on the one hand, we have talents who may find a new motivation, give meaning to their work and of course, feel valued, and commit themselves on a longer term basis. And then, of course, the company wins because it helps them develop the skills of their employees, build loyalty, and anchor them in a long-term project. And of course, it makes the company more efficient.

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