Remote coaching, coaching platforms, face-to-face coaching: which modality(ies) to choose?
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Remote coaching, coaching platforms, face-to-face coaching: which modality(ies) to choose?

Remote coaching vs. face-to-face coaching: what are the differences?

 It is important to remember that distance has no impact at all on the quality of coaching and the results obtained. We know this, and many studies show it, in the United States for example 95% of coaching takes place at a distance.

 The quality of an individual coaching depends on several factors:

  • The professionalism and experience of the coach.
  • Objectives that are extremely well worked out at the beginning of the coaching. These objectives must be measurable and observable.
  • Coaches who use a variety of protocols to support the person's change. It is their experience that will allow them, in a short time, to accompany the person in measurable and observable changes.
  • A real commitment of the coachee in the success of his coaching. Because coaching is really the work of the coach and the work of the strategic talent to ensure the success and the anchoring of these new behaviors or these new postures.

Why do some coachees want to have one-on-one coaching?

Some people appreciate being able to meet with their coach face-to-face because it allows them to take a step back from their daily professional life by changing environment.
This is why today, remote and face-to-face coaching practices coexist very well. However, as we know, the growth of the remote coaching market is exponential, and we know for a fact that remote coaching will become a majority practice in the coming years.

What are the benefits of online coaching for companies and coachees?

For a HRD or for a manager who wishes to support his talents via a remote coaching platform like Click & Coach, it is a real benefit in terms of efficiency and agility.

Why? Because he has access to a team of coaches already pre-referenced, on which he can give his opinion. So it saves him a lot of time in terms of coach selection.

Secondly, for the talents, it saves a lot of time in terms of travel, since they will be able to organize their schedule in an extremely flexible way by making appointments directly in the coaches' calendars.

Moreover, talents also choose their coach on the platform. They have access to a number of coaches, and this also allows them this agility of freedom to go and find the people they feel are most appropriate for their development goals.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that the economic notion of dealing with a coaching platform is very important for our clients, since the fact of purchasing a large volume of hours, at least 100 hours, 200 hours or 300 hours, allows us to benefit from competitive rates.

It goes without saying that today, multiplying coaching operations within a company is a very powerful lever for engaging talent, developing them and giving them all the resources they need to succeed in their job. So having access to competitive rates is a real asset.

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